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NHS EDucation for Scotland

Childcare Vouchers

*****Important   Note*****


We will be changing our Childcare provider from Computershare to Edenred as from the 1st August 2014


-       New starts   will be required to enrol with Edenred as from the 1st August 2014

-       Existing members of Computershare will be transferred over to Edenred on the 1st of October 2014. Further information will be issued to you in due course.


New Terms and Conditions will apply


What are Childcare Vouchers?


Childcare vouchers are a Government initiative aimed at helping working parents to afford quality childcare. If you are using registered or approved childcare, you can choose to exchange part of your salary in favour of childcare vouchers.


In order to help you make these savings, NHS Education for Scotland has introduced a childcare Vouchers scheme in partnership with Edenred. Edenred launched the first Childcare Vouchers scheme to the UK over 20 years ago, and have made it as easy as possible for you to enjoy the many different benefits that childcare vouchers bring.


How do childcare vouchers save me money?


Childcare vouchers work through a system known as "Salary Sacrifice". This means that you receive childcare vouchers instead of part of your salary. Unlike your salary, you do not pay any tax or national insurance on childcare vouchers. The savings that you can make are per person, so if you have a wife, husband or partner who also works for an employer that operates a Childcare Voucher Scheme, you can double your savings.


How much will I save?


The exact amount you save depends on how much you earn and how much tax and national insurance you currently pay.


Childcare vouchers are tax and national insurance exempt up to:

o    £243 a month(£55 per week) for basic rate taxpayers

o    £124 a month(£28 per week) for higher rate taxpayers

o    £97 a month(£22 per week) for additional rate taxpayers


Who is eligible?


The Childcare Voucher scheme is open to all NES employees, including part-time and fixed-term employees.


However, when you exchange part of your salary for childcare vouchers, your remaining salary must not fall below the national minimum wage. If necessary, NHS Education for Scotland will restrict the amount of childcare vouchers you receive in order to meet the national minimum requirements.


If your gross falls below the lower earnings limit then you may lose entitlement to some state benefits. NHS Education may, at their discretion, restrict the amount of Childcare vouchers you receive in order to prevent your pay falling below this limit.


To take part and to be exempt from tax and NI for childcare vouchers:


o    Your child must be under 15 (until 1st September following their 15th birthday) or if your child is disabled, under 16 (until 1st September following their 16th birthday)

o    You must have parental responsibility for the child - the child must be your child, your stepchild or a child for whom you have parental responsibility

o    The childcare must be 'registered' or 'approved'


Conditions of Membership


Any information you provide to Edenred when registering for the scheme and on an ongoing basis must be honest and accurate. Please ensure that you are in compliance with the terms and conditions of enrolment/membership


How do I apply for Childcare vouchers?


In order to enrol you will need to visit the parent section of and click on "Join Now".  You will be asked to input the scheme ID number which is NHSE5666


This will take you to the NHS Education  Scheme Account where you will be asked to:-


o    Provide your payroll number (X plus 7 digits) and National Insurance Number which can both be found on your payslip or by logging on to e-People;

o    Provide your personal details and those of your child/children;

o    Agree to the salary sacrifice terms and conditions.


For latest news, guidance for employers, carers and parents, please visit the Edenred Voucher Services website on link below:


On the above link you will also find detailed Childcare Vouchers information and downloadable information packs, as well as details of Edenred Voucher Services and their Service Commitment.


You will also find Parent Questions and Answers (answering common queries) on the link below:

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